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Telescope and Equipment Servicing

Date: 04 Mar 2018

We provide servicing for consumer-grade telescopes and astronomy equipment. If you would like assistance in having your telescope cleaned, your goto mount repaired, your Power Tank restored, or other similar services, do send us an email. Do include a description of your problem and we will get back to you whether we are able to help. We will typically provide a full assessment of the problem, with detailed processes that will be done to restore your equipment. If we aren't able to fix it, we typically will waive any assesment fees! Our rates are certain to be a bargain! We have serviced more than a few telescopes and equipment to date, with many satisfied customers.

A sample of previous work done and charges are listed below. Prices exclude any transportation or delivery fees.

Disclaimer: Optical repair and servicing operations are not without risk. Although we take every possible care in the handling of these elements, it is possible for breakage to occur with no visible reason, and therefore the risk is the customers.



Clean reflector mirror

If you'd rather not mess with cleaning your reflector's mirror yourself, let us do the job for you. Get your mirror performing as it should be. Fungus, debris, and other deposits can eat into your mirror coating if they're not removed early enough. Both primary and secondary mirrors can be cleaned.

S$35 to S$150
depends on size and severity
Clean corrector plate

Corrector plates in SCTs and SNs are susceptible to "Haze" when they have been stored for a period of time. This haze severely reduces the light transmissivity. If left too long, the haze is etched permanently into the corrector plate. Get your SCT corrector cleaned as soon as you notice the appearance of haze.

6se Before and After Cleaning

C5 Before and After Cleaning

SN10 Before and After Cleaning

S$120 to S$200
depends on size and severity
Clean SCT primary and secondary mirror

The primary and secondary mirrorr in SCTs are susceptible to fungus when they have been stored for a period of time, especially in humid conditions. The fungus will permanently eat into the mirror surface if they are not removed as soon as possible. Get your SCT primary and secondary mirrors cleaned as soon as you notice the appearance of fungus.

SCT Primary mirror Before and After Cleaning

S$120 to S$200
depends on size and severity


General accessory cleaning

Eyepieces, diagonals, finder scopes, optical tubes, and most any other accessories can always be attacked by fungus or dust/dirt/debris. Most of these items can be cleaned and restored to operating conditions.


S$20 to S$50
depends on equipment and severity
Replacement or Creation of missing or broken Parts

If you have missing screws, caps, or other mechanical parts, we should be able to either find suitable replacements, or design and fabricatem replacement parts. We have 3D printers, and desktop CNC mill and lathe that can fabricate parts out of plastics (PLA, ABS, Delrin, etc) or metals (Aluminium and Steel). Typical cost of fabricated parts starts from about $30 and up, depending on design complexity, size, etc.  

From S$30
General Electrical/Electronics repair

We have serviced various electrical/electronic issues, and problems range from broken or degraded connections to blown transistors and ICs. We can help to diagnose problems and recommend solutions. Admittedly, electronic solutions can be very complicated, and the more serious ones are better handled by the manufacturers. In any case, we will provide an honest assessment as to what needs to be done.

From S$30
Restore dead 7Ah or 17Ah Powertank

Servicing includes replacing battery with a new one.  Get a new lease of life (typically 3 years) from your Powertank.

From S$80
Repair Goto mount

If your goto mount is not working any more, we may be able to help. Servicing includes diagnosis of problem and replacement parts as required. If we can't fix it, we typically will waive any assessment fees!

depends on severity






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