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Date: 18 Sep 2012

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Small refractor shootout

Will the difference between an achromatic, semi-apo, and apochromatic refractor be noticeable? We test some small refractors by photographing a simple daytime target.

Joo Beng 10 Sep 10
Different Designs

If you're confused about the difference in optical design of refractors vs reflectors vs SCTs vs Maks, etc, this table summarizes some of the key points

Joo Beng 10 Sep 09
40mm Plossls

If you're considering buying a 40mm Plossl, read why we'd recommend getting 30mm Plossl instead. 

Joo Beng 19 May05
Which mount

If you're baffled by all the different mounts offered by different vendors, here's a table that may help you sort them out.

Joo Beng 9 Apr 08
Unsuitable Equatorial Mounts

Some equatorial mounts are unusable in equatorial latitudes due to design limitations. Here's a list of known mounts that fall in this category

Joo Beng 18 Sep 12
Telrad vs Quikfinder

If you're considering buying a unit power finder (i.e. it doesn't magnify the view), then do consider either the Telrads or the Rigel Quikfinders. The pros and cons of them are reviewed here.

Joo Beng 3 Jul 05
Which filter

If you're considering buying a filter for viewing DSOs or for astrophotography, read this for a quick summary of what to consider. Also includes a section for colour filters and what they can enhance for planets, moon, and comet views.

Joo Beng 3 Mar 10
CCD Imaging Date
Polar Alignment Joo Beng 9 Apr 08
Education and Outreach Date

What are Tidal Forces

Joo Beng 4 Apr 09





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